Holmes Mechanical Contractors

Holmes Mechanical Contractors (HMC), is an independent family-owned and operated small business with more than 40 years of experience.  Based in Prince George’s County, HMC serves Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC and specializes in the installation, repair, service and preventive maintenance of mechanical systems for commercial, industrial, residential and Federal, state and local government applications.  We are a Master HVAC firm with a fully trained staff of professionals with a broad range of technical,project and facilities management expertise.

When you need quality HVAC and mechanical contracting services, HMC is the company to call.  Our technicians are professionals, trained to deliver innovative solutions in most efficient and cost effective manner.

We added Human Resource Consulting services to our capabilities by teaming with Total Learning Solutions, Inc. (TLS) in 2014. This partnership began with a joint contract to provide mechanical/engineering and proprietary training services to the GSA.  The HMC TLS partnership has positioned us to offer comprehensive solutions to our customers.  Please visit their website at Total Learning Solutions



HMC joined Bazillo Cobb Associates (BCA) and Total Learning Solutions (TLS) in a strategic alliance to provide an effective utilization of its combined resources to realize success for our clients. The BCA Team of professionals has a service offering that enhances our goals and objectives by leveraging expertise, experience and quality services to successfully serve our clients.  This method of delivery consistently provides our “end users” a one-stop-shop focus.  In addition to Finance and Asset Management, we offer HR Consulting Services, Workforce Development, and a full service offering of recruiting, on-boarding, and testing.  In addition, we have successfully engaged with local workforce programs to include Apprenticeship Programs and employment opportunities.

HMC and TLC, in collaboration with BCA, have supported each other with the strengths and capabilities of the Alliance.  The BCA Team has successfully integrated areas of expertise that are pooled together to attain specific goals.  Their mutual collaboration focuses on development of special projects, administration management, HR Consulting, Program Management, Auditing, Risk Assessments and ongoing projects.  Please see our Joint Capability Statement for additional information.

Customer Service


Is to provide innovative and professional HVAC and mechanical services to ensure a safe and healthy indoor air environment.
Our HR Development Mission is to provide services that significantly improve individual skills while increasing the competencies and productivity of the organization.  We provide a powerful, yet flexible approach to learning today’s most popular job-related skills.




  • Indoor air quality assessments including installation of the Air Knight system
  • Boilers,chillers & steam heating equipment
  • Building operations and plans
  • Customized systems/software integration
  • Natural energy installations
  • Energy reduction & savings strategies
  • Equipment evaluation & inventory preparation
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Cooling Tower repair and maintenance




  • HR Assessments
  • Career Management
  • Career Development Programs
  • Coaching and Mentoring Programs
  • Custom Curriculum Development
  • Group Training Programs
  • Instructor-led Training
  • Leadership Development
  • Office Support
  • Self-Paced Training
  • Succession Planning
  • Talent Management Courses
  • eLearning Development Training
  • Webinars